Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Writing on the Wall

"You need to get out more."

Serenity shook her head and continued to focus on the transcript in front of her.

"You look as pale as the dead, dear."

"Yeah, and you've been in this town for four months and you haven't met anybody." Braeden and Dympna's voices continued to swirl. Serenity got up to make herself something to drink. Something hot, preferably. Serenity was always cold.

Something grayish-blue came out of the faucet instead of water. It was completely silent for a moment, then...

"I guess I should get out of the apartment."
Serenity walked down the street, arms full of food and water bottles. She had made a visit to the quiet supermarket and a stop to pick up her dinner from the loud O'Harley's, where she had to twist and turn to get to the bar. It seemed like the entire town was there. She quickly ordered her food from the harried-looking bartender, and leaned against the bar, hoping to not get in anyone's way. She got her food quickly, a surprise given the crowd.

As Serenity walked out into the night air, she let herself breath in. It had been a fairly quiet night, luckily. Looking forward to the piping-hot food under her arm, she walked quickly. She walked so quickly that she almost missed the writing before her name popped out at her. It was bright blue, the next sentence smeared so that it was illegible. But the first sentence was the only one that mattered

Serenity dropped the food. It splattered across the pavement. The water bottles rolled across the sidewalk. "No no no no..." she muttered, falling to her knees. What was this? Some kind of prank?She had tried so hard to run from anyone who knew... And now everyone knew. She scanned up and down the street, noticing a woman who soon ran off as if in a rush to get away from Serenity.

"No, Serenity, stop. Pay attention to what it says. Pay attention to the details. Serenity, calm down..." Braeden and Dympna murmured to Serenity until their voices became too much. Serenity got up and ran, hurtling around corners, nearly bowling some man wearing a blue, filthy jacket over in her haste to get away. A blue Subaru seemed to follow Serenity to Dreamwood. Serenity ran faster, imagining that the driver just wanted to get a glimpse of the crazy girl.

Serenity sprinted up to her apartment, slamming the door closed. Another voice added to Dympna and Braeden. A much angrier voice, sounding like he was right next to Serenity's ear. "Listen to me! Don't ignore me! I'm right here! WHY CAN'T ANYONE SEE ME! LOOK AT ME!" Serenity whirled around, looking for the voice in her empty apartment. The voice kept on yelling. Serenity could hear Braeden and Dympna trying to get the voice to quiet down, but it wouldn't listen. The voice grew angrier and angrier.

All of a sudden, the lamp that Serenity kept in her entry way levitated, before coming straight down on Serenity's head. Serenity saw spots and the graffiti with the smears under it. The words mocked her. 'Serenity, remember how you hear voices?'

Another roar sounded. "LOOK AT ME!" The lamp came down again, and everything went black.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

When the Cold Takes Hold...

            The air seemed to be colder than usual. Serenity’s breath was fogging before her as she continued her journey from her apartment to the post office. Her latest job was supposed to come in soon; Serenity always preferred to translate texts from the books rather the internet. Looking at a screen for too long gave her a headache. It was best, of course, to have someone read the text she was supposed to be translating to her while she wrote, but there were very few people whose voices she could listen to along with the constant barrage in her brain.
            And, well, that voice had been gone for a long time. Along with its owner.
            “There’s no need to dwell on the past” said Dympna, almost as if Serenity were a child who she was soothing.
            Serenity shook her head, almost as if a simple shake could make any unknown thoughts fly out of her head. And then…
            It was as if she had just passed through a sound-proofed door to the side where an enormous party was raging. The temperature dropped, as if Serenity had just walked into a pocket of cold air.
            Serenity stumbled, then fell. She remained curled on the ground before a passer-by took pity and crouched down. 
            “Are you all right?” Serenity shook her head, again and again and again. The stranger put her hand under Serenity’s, lifting her and escorting her over to a bench in front of the graveyard, where a bonfire raged. The voices in Serenity’s head pounded and Serenity silently willed them away.
They then ebbed, as if they were being pushed back by some unseen force. She slowly lifted her head.
            “Do you need me to call anyone for you?” the stranger asked, glancing at her watch, as if she had someplace to be. Serenity shook her head.
            “I’ll be fine. It was just a stumble.” Serenity smiled, as small but pretty smile. And a very false smile. The woman seemed unconvinced, as if she could tell that the smile was not genuine.
            “Are you sure?”
After Serenity convinced the woman that she was well enough to get to the post office and then home, she got up and left. Serenity picked herself up and continued further into the darkness.