Saturday, February 7, 2015

When the Cold Takes Hold...

            The air seemed to be colder than usual. Serenity’s breath was fogging before her as she continued her journey from her apartment to the post office. Her latest job was supposed to come in soon; Serenity always preferred to translate texts from the books rather the internet. Looking at a screen for too long gave her a headache. It was best, of course, to have someone read the text she was supposed to be translating to her while she wrote, but there were very few people whose voices she could listen to along with the constant barrage in her brain.
            And, well, that voice had been gone for a long time. Along with its owner.
            “There’s no need to dwell on the past” said Dympna, almost as if Serenity were a child who she was soothing.
            Serenity shook her head, almost as if a simple shake could make any unknown thoughts fly out of her head. And then…
            It was as if she had just passed through a sound-proofed door to the side where an enormous party was raging. The temperature dropped, as if Serenity had just walked into a pocket of cold air.
            Serenity stumbled, then fell. She remained curled on the ground before a passer-by took pity and crouched down. 
            “Are you all right?” Serenity shook her head, again and again and again. The stranger put her hand under Serenity’s, lifting her and escorting her over to a bench in front of the graveyard, where a bonfire raged. The voices in Serenity’s head pounded and Serenity silently willed them away.
They then ebbed, as if they were being pushed back by some unseen force. She slowly lifted her head.
            “Do you need me to call anyone for you?” the stranger asked, glancing at her watch, as if she had someplace to be. Serenity shook her head.
            “I’ll be fine. It was just a stumble.” Serenity smiled, as small but pretty smile. And a very false smile. The woman seemed unconvinced, as if she could tell that the smile was not genuine.
            “Are you sure?”
After Serenity convinced the woman that she was well enough to get to the post office and then home, she got up and left. Serenity picked herself up and continued further into the darkness.


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